Wednesday, October 29, 2014

If Only...

There's a lot of thing that we wanted to be born with in real life and didn't really appreciate what we already have. I'm just a human, I have that kind of feeling too.

I wish I can trade out mostly anything that I think that are worthless without giving a second glance of what they've been contributed to my life.

I wish to have a fair and flawless skin, shiny and wonderful teeth, handsome face, nice body, great proportion and all those model-like attractions.

Without knowing that I've had the best of the best gift to be proud of. The talents that can't be bought with monies. Talents that is for the chosen ones. I neglected that when someone out there is dreaming and wishing to have these talents.

I believe these are the characteristics that I am born with and people might get envy over:

1. I can draw very well.
2. I am a fast learner.
3. I pick up things better than most humans.
4. I've high metabolism rate; no matter how much I ate, I don't gain weight.
5. I am taller than the average Malaysian man; never satisfied tho.
6. I am pretty funny, humorous and sensible.
7. I'm socially attractive.
8. Academically good.

I think that's all I can think off right now. Not to be proud of these things but I need to remember them to strengthen my self confidence and not to wish for things that are way unimportant in life.

Peace out! ✌

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bucket List

  1. Travel the world
    South Korea
  2. Bungee jump
  3. Skydive
  4. Fixed job at 25-y-o
  5. Own an exotic pet
  6. Buy a house
  7. Have an adopted child
  8. Scuba dive
  9. Meet and do stuffs with elephants
  10. Para-sail
  11. Go on a cruise
  12. Plan a holiday with family
  13. Learn at least one more language beside Malay, English
  14. Big reunion party with Shinrui Enja
  15. Snap photos with (a) lion/s
  16. Live through 4 seasons consecutively
  17. Be a volunteer for an event
  18. Camp with best-friends
  19. Try on at least 10 different rides in a fun park on one visit
  20. Dance in front of at least 100 strangers/people
  21. Snap a photo while hugging an orangutan
  22. Go fishing
  23. Build a snowman
  24. Create a piece of art, and sell it
  25. Take 1,000 autographs from different people
  26. Charter a yacht
  27. Graffiti on a wall with my name!
  28. Photo shoot
  29. Shoot a photo - cross-dressing
  30. Slumber party with best-friends
  31. Camp on a beach
  32. Snap a photo underwater
  33. Charter a van, with best-friends, play music out loud, take a long journey
  34. Take photos in front of every Malaysia states' landmarks
  35. Try yoga
  36. Open a cafe
  37. Climb the Kinabalu mountain
  38. No sleep for at least 48-hours (2 days)
  39. Draw free portraits to strangers
  40. Give out 'Thanks for being a good human.' cards to 100 strangers
  41. Be a vegan for a week
  42. Achieve an ideal B.M.I
  43. Paintball
  44. Crustacean feast!!!~

Saturday, May 25, 2013

[Free] Background

Click on the Image > Right Click on the Image > Open image in new tab > Save image as... > Go to your Template Design > Customize > Background > Upload Image > Select the saved image > Done > Apply to Blog
In this section, for the Alignment you can choose any of the options and make it Tile.

For this section of background, you need to change the blog background color so it would fit the background image. The Alignment is still the same, you can choose any of the options but for the tile, select Don't Tile.
Change the color of the background into this red :  #AA0000

[Free] Full Template

Okay guys. I'm back with a new job. I'm currently designing some template for the blogger to use and it is completely FREE. I'm not taking any advantages from this artwork so feel free to request if you have your own design and theme. I've done a few of them and will update it as soon as possible so, ENJOY!~

Plus, if you wanted to request for a full template, please let me know every details of your desired layout template. Theme, color schemes, etc. For a random example, you can see this layout for a reference.

p|s : PLEASE save your old template before applying the template code and PLEASE make sure to preview the changes before save it cause I won't be responsible for any mishaps and mistakes. Take it as a note.

Green Nature



Country Fall

Dark Night

and more

Monday, May 20, 2013

Extension of About Me

I DO and DON'T Like

  • Pushes, tensions, stresses, etc. I hate people stress me to make something. e.g: "You need to leave." and 2 minutes later, the same thing is asked. O.M.G! I really know what to do so please get of the way!
  • Please don't ask me to do something you like. If I satisfied and interested in the stuffs, I'd surely do it but if not, even asked for a trillionth times, I WON'T!
  • Nag-heads. Jeez. This is something ultra hated. I really can't stand nags. I hate people mumbling and blabbering like he/she's the king/queen.
  • Bossy people and narcissist! I hate people ordering me and people that think they are always right. I won't further the conversation if I found out that you're one of these.
  • Socially and physically unhygienic people are my ENEMY.
    p|s : no-manner, dirty, smelly, etiquette-less.
  • I don't like public compliment. Private is much better. I just can't stand praises and sort of.
  • Ungrateful. Please, please and please be thankful to those that have helped you. I hate it when a person scolds me even though I AM HELPING him/her in his/her work/s.
  • Public humiliation. If I did wrong and there's something humiliating you want to say about me, please do it secretly and please let me(ONLY) know. I'm sick of this kind of people.
  • Harsh jokes and such.
  • Someone that knows nothing about the 'new 20th centuries' style, brands, etc. Lame people. e.g: The new styles in fashion. Cartoons are just for kids. Happy-go-lucky is called immature and childish.
    Most of these people existed in the suburbs, uncivilized place and somewhere far from the town/metropolitan city. Where they know nothing about current things but act like know everything about the world. Get a real life people, stop playing with shits!
  • Arrogance, annoyance, stingy, overacting, obese, too-much-cares. Hate it because,
    Arrogance : Like he/she's the most perfect.
    Annoyance : Think others as you might need them soon or later.
    Stingy : Please share. There's nothing last forever compare to friendship and love.
    Overacting : Though life is like a drama, but it's a drama that need no drama king/queen.
    Obese : I just hate them because physically they're unattractive, smelly, pressured. It hurts to see them and they're seem to torture themselves. Please get back to the healthy lifestyle and pump your fat out!
    Too-much-care : I know it ain't the right word but I don't know how to describe persons that are so careful in everything. There's no success without mistakes. Please don't be too accurate, wary, protective, fussy, alert, concern and all the synonyms. Oh, the right word just popped-up of my head. Conservative!


  • If I lie down (in bed, floor, etc), my foot/feet will move/s vigorously like the rattlesnake's tail.
  • Unconsciously, I like to pull my hairs out; when there's me, there'll be some hairs around.
    Not only the 'head hairs', but also my legs and arms. Plus, I hate facial and body hairs. I have none!
  • When the surrounding is so good, I could sleep/hibernate for a day. Full 24 hours. I'm a sleep-head, my friends should all know about this.
  • When I sit on a chair, I tend to pull my legs up and fold them (sit with crossed legs).
  • Biting lips (cliche habit though).
  • Shower twice longer than the average men.

-coming soon-
(more to be revealed)

Monday, April 1, 2013


symbols by ♦ compatible for twitter, facebook, etc


mostly commonly used/likely to be seen on all computers

^I recommend these blocks for block fonts.

basic symbols«»×₪▲►▼◄♠♣♥♦


music notes♩♪♫♬♭♮♯
pasteable space (wider than the old spaces): [        ]
An alternative to this space is using alt+255 on your number pad for regular-width, non-pasteable spaces.
symbol for underlines¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

astrological/planet signs
Both planetary and zodiac signs are in order.



currency, punctuation, and other signs


ʹ ʺ ʻ ʼ ʽ˂˃˄˅ː‛ ‚ „ ‟ ‹ ›〝〞·˙•∙◘◦∗´
‒•…‹›‼⁞.·˙˙·. ˙·..·˙ 

fun stuff



ت۝۞۩٭ (the smiley looks best in Tahoma)

chess pieces

flowers, snowflakes, stars & other sparklies


math & logic


Keep in mind that these signs have meanings such as integral, extremely greater/less than, approximately, etc... in case a math aficionado calls you out on a symbol they think is out of place in your font! Haha.

even more letters



miscellaneous doodads


ミ彡ッツシシ〠 ಌಠಡಢಥದಧರ

Greek lettersαγεηικνρςστυχωϞϟother common letters: ƒℓïḯÏÖÜöõòóü



miscellaneous letters: ʀʁʌʍʎʏʙʜʞʟᴄᴅᴇᴊᴋᴍᴎᴏᴥᴘᴙᴚᴛᴜ



When the blocks in the second line are used with the blocks in the first line for a picture block font, there will be large gaps between the line breaks in most browsers.
card suits
FYI: Some browsers/computers may see the unfilled heart as three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. If you want it to show up in all browsers, I advise bolding the heart.
other shape-related stuff


numbers & roman numerals

ⅰ ⅱ ⅲ ⅳ ⅴ ⅵ ⅶ ⅷ ⅸ ⅹ ⅺ ⅻ ⅼ ⅽ ⅾ ⅿ ↀ ↁ ↂ


─ ━│┃┄┅┆┇┈┉┊┋
┬┭ ┮ ┯ ┰ ┱ ┲ ┳ ┴ ┵ ┶ ┷ ┸ ┹ ┺ ┻
┼┽ ┾ ┿ ╀ ╁ ╂ ╃ ╄ ╅ ╆ ╇ ╈ ╉ ╊╋
╌ ╍╎╏╏═╭ ╮╯╰╱ ╲ ╳



ᴬᴮᴰᴱᴳᴴᴵᴶᴷᴸᴹᴺᴼᴾᴿᵀᵁᵂ ᵃᵅᵇᵈᵉᵋᵍᵎᵏᵐᵒᵖᵗᵘᵛʷʸ

fullwidth symbols
[\]^_`{|}~⦅⦆¢£¬ ̄¦¥₩